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A few words about me

Mixing science, technology, photography, and a few programming languages into interesting shapes, while listening to MUSE
... or Pink Floyd

  • I am a chemist turned software engineer.
  • I like learning how to design web applications.
  • I love developing new ideas for improving education.


35 Br 79.904(1)
Period: 4 Group: 17
Block: p Type: N
State: l CAS ID: 10097-32-2

I am experimenting with a Matrix rain styled version of the
Periodic Table of the Elements.

Using Velocity.js and GSAP to create animations.

Library archives

I implemented a search mechanism for Eastern Kentucky University Library's archive of images.

This is a web application hosted on Amazon Web Services.

My first Alexa skill

I just developed my first Alexa Skill called Elementary Math. I used AWS Lambda and DynamoDB.

Elementary Math is a skill that allows children in grades 1 through 4 to practice basic math questions. The skill will ask what kind of math should be practiced in a session. The choices are addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Alexa, open Elementary Math

Alexa, tell Elementary Math to set level to Medium Hard Easy

Alexa, ask Elementary Math what was my last score

Open this page to learn in detail about how to use the skill, and go to the Amazon Alexa store to get it for your Echo device.

My CV++

To learn more about my education, job history, professional development and skills, as well as contact information, open my full
Curriculum Vitae

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